Appraising of buildings, premises, structures

An order to assess buildings and structures is the most frequent and, at the same time, labor-intensive in terms of performance, such objects are considered first class pledged property. Also, Appraising of buildings and other property of an organization is necessary during reassessing its fixed assets. This procedure gives you opportunity to increase the value of the company assets, and make it attractive for potential investors.

Classification of buildings and structures

Depending on the purpose, buildings and structures are divided into:

  • residential and social (community, health, sports, cultural);
  • industrial, including warehouse property;
  • agricultural (of industrial and auxiliary purposes);
  • special (energy and utility facilities);
  • buried structures of different types.

Cases when it is required

As a rule, the purpose of the Appraising of the object is to establish the true market value of the specified building or structure, as well as its economic, residential and other buildings, engineering communications. This procedure is often needed when buying and selling, insuring, and renting an object. An Appraising of the building may also be required for pledge or for tax purposes, when entering into share capital or during legal proceedings. Also, you will need an Appraising when transferring the building to the management of a trust company.

Appraising for all these purposes is carried out with the same principle. First, the task to be set, then we will inspect the object of Appraising, collect and process information, and, finally, compile a report on the work done for the customer.


Given that in fact every object has plenty of its individual features, the use of sample methods for proper Appraising becomes almost impossible. Therefore, in each case, the expert requires a certain amount of effort and time to carry out the necessary work. The cost of services is also formed in accordance with the level of complexity of the Appraising.

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