Appraising of perennial plantations

Perennial plantations are objects of plant world, including trees, bushes, lawns, flower beds.

Trees, bushes, lawns, flower beds, including those grown and used for gardening and decorative functions in streets, squares, parks, gardens, squares, in enterprises, in the courtyards of residential houses, in garden (village) houses), as well as hedges, snow and shelter belts, other artificial plantings are perennial plantations.

The determination of the value of perennial plantations can be carried out in order to:

  • Sale without an auction or tender, including the sale of property in the procedure of economic insolvency (bankruptcy)
  • Contribution to the statutory funds of legal entities in the form of non-monetary deposits
  • Sale during auction (auction and by tender), including sale of property in bankruptcy proceedings
  • Revaluation of fixed assets of an enterprise using method of direct appraising with the involvement of appraisers
  • Creation of a mortgage
  • Gratuitous alienation (donation, exchange)
  • Granting of free use, for lease, trust management
  • Resolving property disputes
  • Indemnification
  • Putting on the balance of unaccounted objects (surplus assets identified in the inventory process, and assets received free of charge)
  • Separation (allocation) of the initial value of the inventory object
  • Implementation of management decisions
  • Other, being not contrary to law.

During assessment of the value of real estate by market valuation methods, depending on the appraising objectives, the following appraising items can be determined:

  • market value;
  • market value in current use;
  • investment value;
  • residual value;
  • special value;
  • synergistic value.

Perennial plantings can be assessed using income and cost methods, and if data are available on the sale of similar objects, the comparative method.

ROVEX qiymətləndirmə şirkəti çoxillik əkmələrin qiymətləndirilməsi sahəsində böyük təcrübəyə malikdir. Biz qiymətləndirməni qısa müddətdə, keyfiyyətli və peşəkar şəkildə həyata keçiririk.

During the assessment, we take into account all factors affecting the value of your perennial plantations, and form conclusion based only on objective, complete, reliable and relevant information.

The cost of a green plantation appraising service depends on the object of appraising, the purpose of the appraising, the timing of the preparation of the appraising report. The price of services for appraising green spaces can be determined after the appraiser has become familiar with the documents on the subject of appraising.

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