Apartment Appraising

Independent apartment Appraising is one of the most sought-after services in the real estate market in Azerbaijan. The apartment value Appraising implies the determination of the market value of the right of ownership for the real property or other rights with respect to the real property being valued.

Apartment Appraising service may be needed in such cases as:

  • determination of the pledge value
  • confirmation of the value when conducting a mortgage transaction
  • determination of the market value for the judicial agencies in case of property disputes
  • inheriting apartment
  • rent of apartments (Appraising of the rental charge)
  • sale of apartments.

All the features and details are taken into account while evaluating apartment. Pricing factors include the following: location, number of rooms, total area (square meter), distance from the main infrastructure of the district, layout, quality and cost of finishing, condition of the dwelling, year of construction and type of house (block, brick, panel, monolithic), number of floors, etc.

We conduct real estate evaluation in both after-market and new build.

We work with non-standard cases: atypical (unusual) layout or the presence of replanning, any areas and types of housing - from a one-room apartment in a dormitory district to an elite penthouse in the city center, we take into account the presence of built-in equipment, appliances, furniture, premium decoration.

If necessary, you can order an additional sample or a copy of the report.

We are ready to offer a ready report within one working day subject to the conditions of a transparent evaluation procedure.

Apartment evaluation for mortgage is always carried out taking into account all bank requirements.

In the final report, the evaluator provides data on the technical characteristics of housing, describes the methodology of the calculations, gives a reasonable conclusion about the value of the estimated property.

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