Appraising of intangible assets and intellectual property

In modern society, the success and long-term sustainability of the enterprise is determined by its stable competitive advantages. One of these advantages is the presence of rights to intellectual property or intangible assets. Introduction to the economic activity of these objects requires precise determination of their value. Appraising of intellectual property allows you to solve this problem most effectively.

Qeyri-maddi aktivlər və əqli mülkiyyətin qiymətləndirilməsi yüksək texnoloji sahələr üçün olduqca vacibdir. ROVEX aşağıdakı əqli mülkiyyətin, qeyri-maddi aktivlərin peşəkar müstəqil qiymətləndirməsini aparır:

  • Appraising of copyright (appraising of the rights to reproduce, distribute, import, record, public display / performance, broadcasting, translation and processing of the work, as well as appraising of the rights to the animated image)
  • Appraising of rights related to copyright (appraising of the rights of performers, producers of phonograms, broadcasting organizations and cable broadcasting organizations, on computer programs and databases);
  • Appraising of a trademark (Brand)
  • Business reputation appraising (Goodwill);

The objectives of the appraising of intellectual property and intangible assets.

Situations when the appraising of intellectual property (intangible assets) is conducted:

  • inventory and introduction of intellectual property into economic turnover;
  • changes in financial statements (revaluation of intangible assets);
  • entering of the intellectual property on the balance of the organization;
  • introduction of intellectual property in the authorized capital;
  • purchase and sale or transfer of intellectual property rights;
  • inheritance, donation or gratuitous transfer of rights to intellectual property;
  • upcoming conclusion of a license agreement for the right to use intellectual property and the need to justify the calculation of payments for their use;
  • liquidation, restructuring or bankruptcy of an enterprise;
  • appraising of intellectual property for the purposes of mortgage;
  • use of intellectual property as part of the franchise;
  • acquisition of one firm by another or their merger;
  • appraising of investment projects in which it is intended to use objects of intellectual property;
  • damage appraising as a result of infringement of intellectual property rights, as well as the production of counterfeit products;
  • insurance of intellectual property;
  • appraising of intangible assets, as one of the stages of business appraising;
  • renting of intellectual property rights.

Rovex's professional appraisers carry out intellectual property appraising according to the specially developed guidelines for assessing the market value of intangible assets of enterprises.

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