Water transport evaluation

We conduct a professional Appraising of all types of vessels (under construction, in service, decommissioned and emergency) - sea and river vessels, as well as mixed vessels:

- displacement-type and nonconventional speed type;

- self-propelled and towed;

- transport (cargo, passenger and cargo-passenger);

- technical;

- commercial and processing (including boats);

- auxiliary and service (barges, tankers, etc.);

- cultural and general, sports, pleasure (liners, yachts);

- units and assemblies of vessels (engines, navigation systems, etc.), etc.

What cases is the water transport evaluation required for?

The evaluation service for maritime transport is necessary for:

  • determining the value for purchase/sale
  • inheritance documentation
  • execution of collateral, insurance of company property
  • transfer of machinery and equipment for rent (leasing)
  • revaluation of fixed assets
  • development of a business plan for the implementation of an investment project
  • transfer and documentation of any plants as a contribution to the share capital of another newly created or reorganized enterprise
  • liquidation and utilization of machinery and equipment facilities due to the impossibility or inexpediency of their further operation for intended purpose.

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